Month: March 2019

Liderazgo II en Español se acerca rápidamente

El Centro William W. Winpisinger (W3) será el anfitrión de Liderazgo II en Español del 12 al 17 de mayo 2019. El programa de Liderazgo II en Español refleja su contraparte inglés, ya que proporciona a las logias locales y distritos con unionistas entrenados y calificados que pueden comunicarse con los trabajadores y la comunidad […]

Leadership II in Spanish Coming Up in May

The William W. Winpisinger Center will host Spanish Leadership II from May 12 – 17. The Spanish Leadership II program mirrors its English counterpart in that it provides the local and district lodges with trained and skilled unionists that can communicate with workers and the community in both languages. The Spanish programs at W3 are […]

Follow IAM Addiction Services on Facebook

Earlier this year, the IAM launched the Addiction Services Program to help find help for members and their families who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. With the launch of their Facebook page, the program now has a social media presence. Dropping a little knowledge tonight at the Harbor! Please feel free to […]

Why NAFTA 2.0 Doesn’t Work for Working People

Despite some modest labor improvements, NAFTA 2.0 maintains the fundamental flaws carried over from past trade agreements, writes IAM Chief of Staff and Director of Trade and Globalization Owen Herrnstadt for the Economic Policy Institute. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been outsourced to Mexico since NAFTA was enacted in 1994. “One year ago, we […]